Thursday, 5 March 2015

Abseiling by Alisdair

On the Thursday at Benmore, my group (group 3) went abseiling in the afternoon.  I was looking forward to it because I had never done it before.


 Once we had dorm inspection, we went into the common room and the instructors told us what we would be doing.   We found out we would be choosing and doing the ropes course. So we chose to do abseiling.  In the afternoon we met in the front hall after lunch and free time.  Then Angela (our instructor) told us were we would meet and what we should were.


She told us, "Don't wear too much nice stuff because it might get ripped on the rocks."


Angela met us at the backyard.   Once we got our climbing stuff (helmet, belay and ropes plus some other things) we started walking to the small climbing wall.   We walked around the stables to get there.


Once we got to the small climbing wall, we got split up into 3 groups and then started to climb up the walls.  We climbed two walls and then went onto the abseiling wall were we had to climb up and then abseil down.   It was very scary leaning back but once you started it was fine.


Once I got to the bottom I couldn't wait until the bigger wall.  I had seen the bigger wall going to another activities.   It didn't look too big from the bottom but once you got to the top it was massive. After we had finished with the small climbing wall, we walked to the bigger wall.


When we got there we walked up the path to the top of the cliff.  Tom (another instructor) set up the ropes and then we started.  First Pheobe went and then all the other people from the group. I think I was about 7th in the line. So Tom put all the clips and other stuff on me. Then I leaned back and started to walk down.  As I was walking down, I slipped a couple of times and found that a bit scary.  But once I got down I was very excited, and wanted to do it again but couldn't 😢😢😢.


While we were waiting for the others to come down, we started messing about and Hamish and Andrew got in a fight and they started hitting each other with sticks. 


After we all had came down, we had a shot at climbing up the wall.   It was quite hard work because there wasn't enough foot/hand holds so I kept on slipping.

Once we had finished we walked back and Ben tried to jump over the cattle rail and failed.  The bruise was disgusting and the skin had stuck to his sock😣😣😣And we came back to cake'o clock.   And then we went home the next day. 😢😢😢

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