Thursday, 5 March 2015

Biking by Ruaridh

under the bridge to the river bank and threw stones at it. Some people, me
included, went far down the river to larger stones. But when we came back we
found Miles doing the front crawl.
When Miles got out, he was absolutely covered in water, and although it wasn't
surprising, Miles got lots of shocked looks from everyone. (If you ever get Steve,
ask him about Group 5's 2015 bike trip for his side of the story.)
After we'd cycled to a forest, we went over loads of bumps and lumps and jumps
through it, Daniel R still filming every single moment.
Before very long it was time to finish up. :'-(


we had to hose our bikes down, which meant a big string of endless
On Tuesday, we (Group 5) went biking, and first thing we did was meet Steven
(our instructor) in the courtyard and followed him out up a hill where we were
greeted by the store shed thing (or something like that) to get our bikes (Isla or
Cuba), our helmets, our biking gloves and our strange, unnecessary (in my
opinion (they weren't even hi- vis!)) yellow jackets.
We then lined up (well more of a jumble, really), and had our picture taken by
Miss French (the adult with us(who wasn't our instructor, Steven(also my everyday
teacher(Miss French, not Steven(sorry if this many brackets confuses you))))).
After that we went down the other side of the hill and Daniel R and me (I'm the
assistant) used his £500 camera (it's very good) to film everything and kind of
Vlogged the day in the process.
Eventually we reached our mid way destination, which was a river and a closed
mossy wooden bridge. When everyone had had their hot chocolate, they went

water, plus a bunch of P6s, plus Steven which equals totally and utterly wet
chaos. Which also equals, a lot of wet people in a short time and not very many
clean bikes for a loooooooong time. Oh, yeah, and me and Daniel got the wettest
and Steven did the most soaking. ^_^ (it was a good thing, if your wondering).

Also, and about the camera, it broke. Daniel dropped it cycling and we thought it

was bust. >~<. But it worked! ^=^ So we thought it was the waterproof bit that had

smashed, but the following day we took it gorge walking and it was still

waterproof, so it was probably a useless piece of glass.

Overall, I think the biking went pretty well, as even though we didn't go on a

proper course we still went through a forest, which was great! It was probably

better in fact, because from what I saw, the course there was just an easier

version of the cycle training course we did earlier in the year.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter where we went, as it was still cycling and it was

still fun and it was still all over the place.

I can't really think of much else (but be understanding, it was a few weeks ago,

so you can't expect me to remember it in full detail).

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