Thursday, 5 March 2015

Climbing And Abseiling by Matthew

On Thursday morning, I met in the Lecture Room with Joe, Ms. French and the rest of Group 6.  We always met in the Lecture Room and today it was buzzing with excitement because we were going climbing and abseiling!  Joe told us to get all of our gear and meet at the helmet room.  Having decided at home that this was going to be the best activity I couldn't wait.  We all walked to the centre and sang songs the whole way there


Despite having a very bumpy ride in the minibus, it was worth it because the climbing centre was awesome.  We were kitted out with our carabiners, harnesses and ropes.  First we had to climb right round the centre across every wall.  Then we had to climb up the walls using only one colour path.  I actually didn't find it to hard or scary to do even though I barely ever do climbing.  Although that was easy, next we had to do an overhang which was harder.  It took me a few tries but I did it!  Woo Hoo!  I really don't see how people can be so terrified of doing that.  If they think it's high that's ok.  As time went everyone had finished and we were ready for abseiling.


When we got to the quarry, we walked up to the top of the 50ft rock to do the 50ft abseil!  There was a fence blocking us from plunging to our doom.  It was made of old ship masts.  I was super excited because it was the activity I wanted to do the most.  I went first and they attached the carabiner to my harness and I was ready to go.  I looked down the sheer drop.  Ms. French was at the bottom.  It looked a long way down.  I looked across the beautiful countryside of Benmore and the sparkling water of Lock Eck.  Then I stepped over the edge and began the journey down!  At first I was a tiny bit scared so I only walked.  I took my time because I wanted to enjoy this activity as much as possible.  About a quarter of the way down, there is a slippery bit that juts out of the rock.  I had to jump over that.  Nearly half the way down I had more confidence and I started to bounce all the way down.  I reached the bottom and did a little celebration.  I drank some of the black current squash Joe had brought.  I waited for Calum and Stephen to come down and we lined some cups up on a branch.  We stood back and tried to hit them with rocks.  Finally everyone made it down the cliff and we went home :)).


That same day we went gorge walking and that was another great activity.  I did the slippy branch, The Keyhole, The Wishing Well and The Rock of Africa.  The Wishing Well was the coldest for me because that's so deep and I'm kinda small :/.  I would go abseiling again unless it was very, very high up.  I think anyone who has a fear of heights or anyone who loves a challenge should do this.  The only thing I would change about that day is make climbing and abseiling the last activity because that was the best one. :D

My Five Favourite Activities:


1.    Climbing and Abseiling

2.    Gorge Walking

3.    Caving

4.    Kayaking

5.    Night Walk

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