Thursday, 5 March 2015

Chaotic Canoeing by Anna Gra and Tess

Riding on the mini-bus, on Wednesday afternoon, was one of the bumpiest rides we've  ever been on.  Euan (our instructor) was driving group 8 along-side Loch Eck for our afternoon activity, canoeing.   When we arrived, we were kitted out with buoyancy aids and a paddle each.   Group 8 were shown how to use a canoe paddle, holding the t-grip with one hand and the shaft with the other.  Next we had to carry the canoes down to the water.  We were sharing a canoe and  were able to get to our destination fast, yelling commands at each  other, laughing all the way.


          Before long the rest of group 8 had arrived where we were floating.


 "Right when I blow the whistle paddle over to the white buoy and link the canoes together, ok?" commanded Euan.


" Let play some games," said Euan.  So in our Canadian Canoes we practised our aim by trying to throw the balls into Euan's boat whilst he tried to stop them.  Then he blew the whistle and we linked all the boats.  All the people sitting at the front aka me ( Anna) had to stand on the sides of the boat(called gunnels).  I was absolutely terrified of standing up never mind on the sides. Tess didn't help this however.  Whilst I (Anna) was tottering precariously on the gunnels, Tess was shaking the boat violently!


           Ha ha! It was hilarious. I (Tess) was shaking it this way and that way.  But unfortunately she got me back because I had to do it!  But she didn't do it like I did it but when I was standing the other two boats floated away!  But I guess that was funny.


           Whilst Tess was standing up, I( Anna) drifted away.  Tess nearly fell into the water But unluckily she didn't.


"It was a good thing I (Tess) didn't fall into the water Anna."


       "No it wasn't."

         As we paddled towards the other side of the loch, we met the Kayakers, but we took no notice of them for when we reached the other side of the loch we were to have warm black urbane juice and biscuits.


           As soon as we'ed drank our juice and eaten our biscuits we canoed down the edge of Lock Eck and I (Anna) had to do the limbo, Tess got a branch in her eye and we both ended up laughing.


            Paddling back went smoothly, maybe a little to smoothly because as Aidan was getting out of his canoe, he fell in!  On our way back mine and Tess' ears were agony for the boys were singing Let It Go.


            This was the best day of our lives we thought.

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