Thursday, 5 March 2015

Climbing by Calum

On Wednesday morning, I was going

climbing with group 6 and I was really

looking forward to it because I had only ever

climbed on a real rock once. I had never

climbed up then abseiled before.

This is some of the equipment we used and

some we didn't: a seat harness, an expansion

piton, a piton, chalk, a tubular ice screw, A

carabiner, a descender, a locking carabiner, a

rope, a helmet and boots.

This is only half of what the professionals


When we were walking to the practice wall I

saw about three red squirrels which is the

most I have ever seen. Then when we were

about to get there I was given the job of

taking the descenders.

When we got in, the walls looked really easy

which they were and when we got to the

abseiling practice it was pretty easy as well.

All you had to do was check your harness

was tight then you descended.

When we were walking to the big rock I got

really scared because I saw a lump of trees

and mud that looked like the evil green

man. At the wall, it looked really high and

I thought I couldn't do it because I was

scared but I overcame that fear and then I

went straight ahead and did it. I was 2nd in

line and when I got to the bottom and

looked up it was a lot smaller than it looked

from at the top.

When I got to the bottom, I had some juice

and with the cups we balanced them on a

tree and threw rocks at them. Matthew was

getting annoyed with me and Stephen because

we were chucking lots of stones in lumps of

gravel at the cups and hitting most of them

down and then Matthew would pick them up

and me and Stephen would just keep on

doing it.

Walking back to the centre, I learnt how to

fire a reed and I fired up the river and saw

it come back down like a game of poo


Then when we got back to Benmore, it was

cake o, clock - everyone liked cake o, clock.

Afterwards we had free time and we went

outside and played catch in the dark with

our torches.

At night, our night time activity was Cluedo

and my team lost because we could hardly

find any of them but that was pretty funny

because some people put them up their shirt.

After that we went to the tuck shop and then

we went to our dorms.


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