Thursday, 5 March 2015

Benmore High Ropes Course by Boris

After an early rise from Mrs Christie, we set off for breakfast.   After that Marie (our instructor) told us we were doing the ropes course.  We all were very excited.   We went straight to get our gear.   We needed a helmet, ropes and harnesses.


After that, we took a quick walk and got there in a couple of minutes.   We set everything up and we were told we had to start on the beginner course which was pretty boring because Alex was messing about so he wasted  15 minutes talking  but eventually we were off.


When we got there we had to practise on a mini course.   We had to get into pairs.   I went with James and we had to take turns going round.    We then had to go around as a team trying not to fall off but we were slowed down because there was a bit of messing about.


 Finally, we got the proper course raring to go.   Marie split us in to two groups.   The  first course we did was with a guy called Sean.   I was the first to go up at the top it was very high!   Sean told we had to do a little dance at the top.


 Then James went then Liam then Saul then James G.   We then went on to the next course.   This one slightly easier and we all did it. 


After that, I went up with Liam to do the trapeze jump.  The trapeze  was a massive big bar that we had jump to onto and hang on in mid-air.   Me and Liam both made it and so did most of the rest😬


After that we talked about it all night in our dorm saying how fun it was.   It was the height though that got everybody stirred up.   I think this was the best activity we did.  I would love to do it again and if you are reading this I encourage you to do it too!

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