Thursday, 5 March 2015

High Ropes by Laurie

On Thursday after lunch, we met up with our instructor in the big dining hall where she told us that we were going to the high ropes course that afternoon.  We were all really excited and looking forward to going.   Morna, our instructor, told us what we needed, what to wear and where to meet up.  We all rushed up to our dorms to get ready.


After that everyone met up round the back outside where we got our helmets before we left.


  As a group we all walked down Benmore Centre's garden, through the little gate and into the ropes course.


WOW!  Look how big it is, I thought.  As I looked around me, everyone in my group had a huge smile on their face as they looked up at the huge wooden course in front of us. Another instructor called Shaun who walked down with us  helped us getting on our harnesses and our ropes on.


When we were all ready to go we set of through the garden.


When we were almost there, I opened the gate and everyone rushed through to see what we were doing.  That day was probably my favourite day because in the morning we went caving, which was epic but very scary, but the ropes course was brilliant but terrifying.  I watched the rest of my group climb up the ladder with the massive staples to cling onto.


When they got to the top of the ladder, they walked along the wooden log to the next ladder to climb up.   Then they walked along another log and jumped off the end to get lowered down.  If you were really brave and confident, you could do a little dance in the middle of the log.


I was the last one to go up.   I was so scared I was shaking. When I was watching everyone else, it looked so easy and not very high but when I was up there it felt like I was as high as the birds. Everyone went before me and then it was my turn; I got my carbiner, my chest harness and the ropes on.  I started to climb up the ladder.  Everyone had got to the top but I was so scared that I didn't think I could do it but I wanted to try. So I kept trying.  Then I walked across the log.  When I got to the other side I was shaking but I carried on up the ladder.   I was very cold and my hands were numb.   When I got to the top of the ladder, I walked across the last log.   I tried to dance in the middle but my legs had gone all wobbly.  I looked down at everyone and they all looked tiny from how high I was. Slowly, I walked along the log with fear.   It felt like the log was so thin I could just slip off.  Then I had to jump off.   It looked very easy when other people did it but it was the most scary part, I slipped one foot off then the other and I was in mid air they lowered me down. It felt good when I got to the ground but I did enjoy it.


Now it was time for the trapeze.   Anna and her partner went first.  I watched with excitement as they climbed up the wooden pole onto the platform where they stood up to do a big jump together to grab onto the trapeze that was hanging in front of them. They both managed to get onto the platform with each others' help.   I could see they were scared though.   Now they were standing up we gave them a count down to jump "5,4,3,2,1 JUMP!" They both did a huge leap and luckily they both managed to grab the trapeze.  They swung on it for a while and then they got lowered down. We watched every one else do it then it was our turn.  Me and Lily got our ropes tied on then we started to climb up the pole.  Lily went up first then I followed behind, Lily was very confident and fast at this so she was on the platform quickly. I found it a bit hard at the top to climb onto the platform so Lily helped me and I finally made it up.  Then they gave us the count down to jump.   This was surprisingly easy and not as scary as I thought.  They counted down from 5,4,3,2,1 jump and then we both sprung forward.  When I was in mid air my heart went a bit faster.   As soon as I touched the trapeze, I felt proud of myself because not everyone in the other groups managed to catch it but our group did.   I was very happy but scared when I did it but I felt good about doing it. I did want to hang from my legs because my friend did that but it was really hard and scary.  Then they  lowered us down from the platform onto the ground.

Once everyone had had their go, we all had some juice because we were all very thirsty.  We packed up our stuff and went back through the garden back in to the Benmore  Centre.  Everyone, including me, was a bit hyper because we were super excited that we just did that.   It was a lot of fun and I'm sure everyone in my group agrees with me.

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